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Welcome to UpdatedSecurity!


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Welcome to the beta version of UpdatedSecurity!

Please read and abide by the rules here: https://updatedsecurity.com/guidelines/

While the forum is in beta it will be invite only and posts will not be visible to guests. Each of you have 3 invite codes that you can give out how you see fit. Please be cautious of who you invite as during the beta period all users will be responsible for anyone they invite. When the beta period is over, the forum will become visible to guests but only members will be allowed to post. We plan to drop the invite only requirement at some point, but may have to re-enable it there is an influx of trolls.

To create invite links go to the following page: https://updatedsecurity.com/settings/invitesystem/

If you have any suggestions head over to the suggestions forum and let us know!

Thanks and have fun!



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