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BOY (God of War Ragnarok)


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Well my review so far is a bit biased, since I liked GoW 2018 very much, but here goes:

--The accesibility features definitely put other games to shame, but I personallyndo not know gamers that will benefit from them, still, extra points here.

-Difficulty I play games in normal, because having kids limits the game time, anyway; It could be I have better reflexes these days and the game feels like one or two notches easier than GoW 2018, 4hrs into the game and I have died only like 5 times as opppsed to the 20+ of the first game.

-Graphics on PS4 Pro are one or two notches above the previous game, there is enough work done where the game does not feel like a DLC as that Korean reviewer said, at least I have seen enough variety to put the game above DLC territory.

-Audio is hard to gauge for me but its at least on par with the previous game, the overall voice work so far is great but it feels like there is a little less banter going between dad & boy.


That's my review so far, tl;dr; An improved sequel of the previous game, if you liked the previous and don't mind previous++ then go buy it, otherwise wait for offers / pc release / fitgirl repack

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