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Cars and security, what is in it for the future?


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Today cars have been kind of rolling computers and this will of course have an impact on how they are treated by malicious people.
Even though computers have been part of the cars since pretty far back, they were often not that powerful and very limited and you really had to have special access to them.
Then we begun connecting the cars and also up the computer power and the amount of computers that are in the cars. Bluetooth, USB, WLAN and so on.
Now it made it easier to get in reach but you often still had to be in close vicinity of the car, and most of the times the car had to be active.
Then we started with connection over mobile networks to be able to update maps and stuff, maybe even listening to Spotify or internet radio. One step easier to get into the car, but still most of them were only active when the car was active and locking the car made everything go to sleep.
Now the keys have even more functionality and even bluetooth keys, and this means that the car have active transmitters and receivers all the time, but still, only when at the car or by going through the phone with some special software. And, the latest (yes, I know, some few brands like Tesla have had it for several years but it has not been generally available so to say), the car is connected 24/7 and reachable from all over the world. And it is more advanced than ever, and the computers in the are more interconnected than ever.
Now, we suddenly really need to treat the car as we treat all other stuff with connections.
Will there be coming antivirus software for the cars? When will the first DDOS attack with cars involved happen? When will they totally shut down an entire car model, or even brand, remotely? Stealing the cars, how to prevent that? And so on.

As you might know, this is really complicated and will be a big part of the future. Not to mention how to prevent other nations from cutting of transport by malicious codes that shuts down trucks, public transport busses and more. And even creating chaos in cities where all the cars suddenly do not move anymore.

This post is just a way of trying to get some interesting discussions going.
What is your thoughts?
How do we help secure the cars?
Open source codes from manufacturer to help get the problems in the code corrected?
Less connectivity? Is that even doable in the long run...?
Educate people?
Critical infrastructure like police and rescue services, should they have no connectivity vehicles?
Do you work in the car industry and is this a big topic there?
And so on.
Fill the thread up, with everything you might find related to this.

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