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Hey Choombas

I wanna take this opportunity to blatantly self-promote my YouTube channel that I've been making content for around 5 years now. I do weekly live-streams where I play CTFs, code things or just react to tech/hacking videos/memes.

If you like, you can join in or subscribe to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGISJ8ZHkmIv1CaoHovK-Xw

PS: Let me know who your favorite Infosec/Cybersec content creators are in the replies 😉

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So glad you guys posted! Just subbed to you both, and I'll add mine here as well:



I don't get to upload often, but I try to make it count when I do: I plan to post more videos about RE, malware, game hacking, and who knows what else in the future.

As a spoiler for the folks here, I'm currently writing my next vid, in which I hope to blend game hacking and malware stuff by talking through some of the first RE I ever did as a student (on Windows XP Solitaire) as well as some techniques for weaponizing the Solitaire executable. Hoping it's as nostalgic and fun to watch as it has for been for me to develop 😁.

Cheers, guys!

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