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Malware Trends and news


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I want to keep track of the new malware news and trends, before, Twitter was like my source to keep updated. Now I noticed that it is so hard to do so as many people left twitter some still there. 
So, what is your method to keep updated with the new things in this field? Following different places is a big distraction 

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I find it harder to follow the latest news or trends through social media (I'm not the most active on Mastodon or over here). I listen to a lot of infosec podcasts tho which usually works best for me, as I can listen to them while doing other chores or on the go. Some of the podcasts I recommend are Security Weekly News, Paul's Security Weekly, Naked Security, Risky Business or Hacking Humans (just to name a few). Hope this helps!

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If anyone has suggestions as to how to get some significant data out of spam/phishing mails, I'm open to donate some domains to science.

y'all can sign up with


this is currently redirected as catch-all to some protonmail to gain insight on what phishing mails are incoming I just lack the method of conducting significant data out of them.

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On 12/21/2022 at 4:37 AM, DFIR said:

Are you asking me to share some of my feeds, because my perspective could be different than yours!

I'd be interested in that!

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