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Idk how common this is but if you have a data structure, header or unique error message when probing a closed source service sometimes you can find stack overflow threads describing what you're looking at just by searching for the format or message.

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One tip that I love is that if you are able to compromise (or spoof) the IP of the vulnerability scanner, you will likely bypass all detections. If an analyst does see your scanning, they'll see its coming from the vulnerability scanner and instantly close it as a false positive. 🙂

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I think the best tools are: 

https://getgophish.com/ for the phishing phase
A C2.
A good C2 loader.
https://github.com/BloodHoundAD/BloodHound and https://github.com/BloodHoundAD/SharpHound for active directory mapping (only if necessary)
https://github.com/SecureAuthCorp/impacket for the lateral movements
https://github.com/outflanknl/Dumpert for the lsass dumps or https://github.com/codewhitesec/HandleKatz

And PetitPotam, and others tools like that for relay.

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