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Malware Dev resources for beginners


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Hey everyone,

I've been learning malware dev for the past week, and if you don't have a lot of programming or coding experience like me or don't know where to start. I found some good resources that helped me get started and helped me learn.

Capt. Meelo's blog https://captmeelo.com/ is a good primer if you don't know where to start. I really like his lazy maldev post https://captmeelo.com/redteam/maldev/2021/12/15/lazy-maldev.html

I'd also recommend Ired.teams blog and posts about process injection, they have good skeleton code that you can follow along with https://www.ired.team/offensive-security/code-injection-process-injection

and chvancooten's Malware Development for Dummies is also a good resource if your just getting started, it includes slides and easy to follow exercises that helped me. https://github.com/chvancooten/maldev-for-dummies

I also wanna include Awesome malware development github page https://github.com/rootkit-io/awesome-malware-development as it has a lot of good resources as well.


I hope these resources and guides make malware dev or creating and obfuscating your payload/agent a little less intimidating for newbies.

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OALabs is my go to for Reverse Engineering. They do mostly malware analysis but it can be applied to reversing any application. I also recommend books like Secrets of Reverse Engineering and Assembly books.

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