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Question: Personal DR Playbook


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My phone broke recently and I had to use a Google backup token to access my account again. Due to this event I thought about my device, password manager and backup setup and discovered that I have circular dependencies in the event I lose access to all/most of my devices.

Do you have a plan in case something happens?

Are there any structured resources or examples on how to plan and handle dependencies if something happens for personal use cases?

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I use 1password as a password manager, with MFA in either Authy or 1password for the most part.

For 1password (and a few other “critical” things) I have the mfa tied to a yubikey, so in the event I lose or destroy my phone I can still get back into it. Authy is also tied to my phone number so can get that back pretty easily too.


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I had a real world exercise of that myself.  Fortunately the backups I had of my password manager and authenticators restored without issues. 

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