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Malfunctionality in twitter "Quote Retweet" private API


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I've been digging around Twitter APIs lately for fun and came up upon something mildly interesting regarding the "Quote Retweet" API.

Usually the "Quote Retweet" API is a private one, we can not see the quote retweets of a tweet without signing in to twitter or using some valid OAuth credentials from their twitter.

On the other hand, the search API is public. If we call "https://twitter.com/search?q=quoted_tweet_id:1234567890" and of course replace 123456790 by a valid tweet id, we would have bypassed twitter's restrictions to the this API.

I don't know if this was intended by twitter, or just "feature", nevertheless it's a cool feature for anyone who wants to scrap some free data off twitter.


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This kind of thing happen when you start to cram so much complexity in the API, I'd say its working as intended and move to another ticket on Jira 😜

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