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The Yaralyzer is a tool for visualizing/force decoding yara (or just regex) matches. The Pdfalyzer is a tool for visualizing / diagramming the internals of a PDF


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  • Yaralyzer - Visually inspect and force decode YARA and regex matches found in both binary and text data.
  • Pdfalyzer - Analyze PDFs and diagram their internals. With colors. And Yara.

I wrote The Pdfalyzer after a recent security incident traced to a malicious PDF (which, BTW, no one seems to have fully understood yet even though cybersecurity/malware folks I've talked to from reddit and Twitter seem to agree with my conclusion that the PDF was malicious) prompted my first deep dive into cybersecurity beyond the kind of stuff one might need to be a competent technology worker.  At a certain point I realized the YARA pattern matching/decoding/visualizing part of that tool might be useful on its own for a sort of initial high level look at suspicious binaries so I extracted it into a separate tool (The Yaralyzer).

These were my first contributions to the cybersecurity open source landscape and they were kind of surprisingly well received (to me, anyways) - various #cybersec accounts were tweeting The Yaralyzer even before I managed to tweet about it myself and now The Yaralyzer seems to be scheduled to be added to the standard Kali linux distro in the near future. Was nice to at least confirm that I wasn't just wasting my time recreating some other tool's functionality.

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apparently the links got stripped out by the recent reasonably policy changes about links... here they are in plaintext:

Pdfalyzer: https://github.com/michelcrypt4d4mus/pdfalyzer

Yaralyzer: https://github.com/michelcrypt4d4mus/yaralyzer


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