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With the release of LOLDrivers - how are you using it , if at all?


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So I'm relatively new to infosec - I've been in the field for almost a year now - just to preface. A month or two ago I noticed a lot of people chatting about LOLDrivers https://www.loldrivers.io/ which is out and based on LOLbins. I use LOLbins occasionally when researching threats and diving deep into process trees and have found it useful.

I was just wondering if anyone has used LOLDrivers at all yet and how you go about utilizing it in your day to day work?  I also found they have a sysmon config file available for it too which I thought was cool: https://github.com/magicsword-io/LOLDrivers/blob/main/detections/sysmon/sysmon_config_vulnerable_hashes.xml


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