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Thoughts on Open-Source SSH bastion Teleport for a small business ?


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Hello, a friend of mine asked for recommendations for a bastion tool for its small business (~20 pax using the bastion), mostly for SSH administration.

in between more famous techno such as CyberArk & Wallix, I stumbled upon Teleport, claiming to be an open-source bastion.
Have you ever used it ? Do you know about the project, the team, the logging capabilities etc. ?


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Used it for managing my own fleet of linux servers, providing access to SSH without having to enable any inbound traffic.  You deploy an agent to each host and away you go....

For the most part, it works perfectly.  For the open source project, I think you're missing SSO / AD integration, but for small use you could get away with it.

Recording of SSH sessions for playback, and I believe sessions can be searched also.

The platform can be deployed in a single instance, or distributed for HA / distribution of roles.


Also supports Windows, but only Domain joined hosts via smartcard emulation.  They're working on an agent for workgroup WIndows hosts (since smartcard authentication requires directory services from AD) but I don't believe it's ready yet.

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