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Advent of cyber 4


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I finished it yesterday. As someone who already works in infosec (offensive). I think it was a good balance of topics and difficulty for people new to cyber. The hardware hacking portion and some SOC tools were new to me. It was a bit of a wake up call that I've been very complacent about learning anything new lately.

It's being sold as for people new to cyber but honestly even anybody in cyber who are just focused on one domain (e.g., SOC, Incident Response) would find some value in it. I probably only finished it because I had a chance of winning some prizes but I'm in the mood to do a couple more THM rooms as a result. I'd like to see more intermediate or advanced rooms next year or separate tracks for red, blue, and purple teams. I do enjoy the idea of unlocking more rooms each day and I'd like to see more of it in THM but maybe I should just do more CTFs.

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They really threw in some new topics this year which I appreciated:
Hardware hacking, IoT, game hacking, etc. 
It was a nice change up from years past. 

Plus they always have a solid bunch of professionals walking through the videos when you need it. 
As someone who might be trying to give recommendations to someone joining the industry--intro to concepts/tools like Sigma and Cyberchef were good choices. 

I appreciate that they don't do more CTF style rooms since Sans always has their holiday hack going on at the same time. Being able to move a bit quicker through THM so I can work on Sans helps level me out. 

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I enjoyed it. I'm still new to the space and the wide amount of coverage was nice for getting exposure to areas I hadn't considered much yet, or getting hands-on with a few that I'd mostly been learning theory on.

The game RE, all the hardware hacking, using cyberchef as part of malware analysis, and especially the appsec stuff were all great intros to those areas that stood out to me.

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