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Looking for beta testers for a new Android CTF


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I've been working on creating an Android CTF for some time and I'm now looking for a couple of beta testers to give it a try, make sure that it works and give me feedback before I do a public release. Please let me know if you're interested in trying it out.

The CTF is called Juicy Bar and it aims to be your one-stop-shop for all kinds of juicy information.

Juicy Bar is a modern Jeopardy-style capture the flag (CTF) app for Android written in Kotlin. The app has 24 levels and 43 flags. The flags range in difficulty, so there are challenges suitable for players of all skill levels. Some flags can be found with little prior knowledge, while others may require more advanced skills to uncover.

Juicy Bar covers a wide range of topics, including common pitfalls and problems that can be seen in real world Android applications. The app is designed to provide players with new skills, rather than just testing their existing ones. It provides the player with hints helps the player to understand what they need to learn more about to solve the challenges.

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Hi Barsk

We have a Little CTF Team in our school. (We build it) and it would be cool if we could try it.

If you need any Infos from me, just send me a DM.



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