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Ex-Tweep job hunting


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Good morning everyone, figured I'd start this channel out. I was one of those laid off by Twitter in Nov 2022, and am looking for a good fit for the next spot. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickdanieloconnell/

Previous to my time working in information technology, I spent eight years working in political organizing. I was expected to and delivered on projects where I managed up to forty-five subordinates, including statewide ballot and electoral campaigns. This was capped by my time as organizing and communications director with a statewide lobbying organization consisting of 120,000 members. My responsibilities included writing support material for five different campaigns which resulted in increasing three funding policies by $21 million as well as improvements in constituent health care law. From this I have developed skills critical to discovering client goals, negotiating with and generating consensus with stakeholders, and maintaining calm in high-stress situations.

Since then and over the last fifteen years, I have worked in technology in both systems administration and information security. Clients have included small businesses, large academic environments, and Fortune 500 corporations with extremely diverse technology architectures. This includes multi-OS environments of tens of thousands of devices. These devices have been located on remote sites across all seven continents and multi-public cloud environments.

In that time, I have been the primary engineer on multiple enterprise-wide projects. For instance, I have developed full-stack log aggregation infrastructure, collecting between 10-150 terabytes of data per day from tens of thousands of sources and developing alerts and associated automation. I planned and led work by other engineers teams who built the infrastructure, operations teams who would use the final product, and executive teams who would consume reports and define further use cases. This was then further extended with automation to increase the per-user value of the product. This included improvements in deployment processes, audit automation, integrations with SOAR platforms, and improving visibility for operations teams to know the enterprise state. Along the way, I have educated and grown other team members on how to learn enterprise infrastructure generally as well as tie in with the tools I designed and built. I have done so while improving overall platform efficiencies as well, with orders of magnitude increases in detection coverage while reducing resource usage.

Over my career, I have grown from designing and implementing security controls to now taking a major role in holistic environment risk reduction. I have helped design environments that implemented controls that today would be called zero-trust, ensuring that just-in-time minimal access controls are in place. This includes physical and logical network segmentation, threat intelligence analysis and operationalization, and cross-team coordination to develop and implement processes that make it easy for end-users to easily do the lowest-risk action in doing their jobs. I am looking to not just engineer but architect and lead people.

The diversity of my experiences is a strength that uniquely qualifies me. My time with systems support allows me to understand technology stacks from the high view down to the very low level. Experience with audits of sensitive and legally protected information and systems has allowed me to enhance security while championing enterprise-wide technology improvements. My communication knowledge allows me to work in conveying information with confidence to any audience. Most importantly, I have developed these skills because I am interested in their foundations. It is how I think, and not just a suit I wear to work.

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Looking at your LinkedIn profile and how you convey your experience in this post, I know for a fact you are going to find something in no time. You are a brilliant minded person!

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