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Any Vintage Hardware fans?


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I moved last summer, shoved all my old stuff into a room and pretty much ignored it for the past year while I tried to work from home.  Started digging out some of the more fun pieces to see what state they're in and get a plan together.  I still have the first PC I ever used - a Compaq Portable (aka Luggable as they weighed a lot), and my end goal is to get it running and doing something useful again.  To that goal, I'm now the proud owner of a Pentium 133 system that I'm having unpleasant conversations with to get it running again.  The system seems fine, but my MacBook doesn't want to talk to the USB Floppy I have.  

Anyone else enjoy pushing a large boulder uphill in their spare time?





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I've been trying to figure out what happened to my old TI99/4A with a stack of horrible games, the cassette recorder for data, and the speech synthesizer.  So many hours of typing TI Basic in that thing to get pixels to move, only to accidently power it off and lose everything.  

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